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Two Pillars by Flaskavsae

Slated for a mid-2009 release.

�This new album is technically the next logical step forward from my last full-length �Philosophies�. Both albums are drastically different from each other, sonically speaking. There still is an underlying unification between the two though, seeing as both are conceptually based and meant to be consumed as one large piece of music, not just a bunch of songs thrown together. The concept of �Two Pillars� is relatively simple, the two pillars are metaphoric representations of the paths one can choose; good or evil. This album is a document of an apostle who tries to do the right thing in the eyes of God, yet continually manages to fall short in his own eyes�For all of the people who support and enjoy the music of FLASKAVSAE, please do not expect �Philosophies Part 2′, because you will not be getting this anytime soon. Granted there are some similarities, they are few and far between. This album is my most preferred album that i have done. As of right now i am extremely pleased with how it is turning out, both in song writing and production. I am incredibly excited to share this album with the world, for God has blessed me immensely in the form of this recording��


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#1The Most Holy Place
#2Figures of angels, palm trees and open flowers
#3The Hall of the Forest of Lebanon
#4Throne Room (or Judgement Hall)
#5Overlaid With Gold
#6The Ark of the Covenant of the Lord
#7Two Statues of Angels
#8Forgive Your People
#9Megiddo and Gezer
#10Two Pillars
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