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Footprints In The Sand by Larry Norman


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#1Lonely Boy (From "Home At Last")
#2Hard Luck Bad News (From "Something New Under The Son")
#3Sitting In My Kitchen (From "Home At Last")
#4Nightmare #49 (part one) (From "The Best Of The Second Trilogy")
#5God Part III (From "Stranded In Babylon")
#6I Hope I'll See You In Heaven (Live, from "Stop This Flight")
#7It's Only Today That Counts (1974, from "Orphans From Eden", unreleased)
#8I Feel Like Dying (From "Something New Under The Son")
#9Leaving The Past Behind (From "Something New Under The Son")
#10Twelve Good Men (From "Voyage Of The Vigilant", unreleased)
#11If You Don't Love The Lord, You'll Fall (From "Rehearsal For Reality")
#12Out Of My System (Live, from "Stop This Flight")
#13Somewhere Out There (From "Home At Last")
#14Selah (From "Home At Last")
#15Let The Rain Fall Down (From "Stranded In Babylon")
#16Goodbye, Farewell (Might be from the cassette version of "A Moment In Time")
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