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Sonic Marty by Sonic Martyr

The music of Sonic Martyr mixes elements of hard rock & heavy groove with an industrial atmoshere!

This is a concept EP that deals with our broken nature. However, it's also the story of someone who is very close to me. I pray for this person daily.

The music will deal with sin and the negative effects it causes the mind, body & spirit.

Lyrically it won't be for the faint of heart. The wedge that sin creates between God and His creation should not be sugar coated and packaged in fuzzy feel good language. We all need to hold the mirror of our human reality up to our faces. We need to look at our vulnerable dependency. We further need to acknowledge it, accept the responsibility for it and through the blood of The Annointed One - DEFEAT IT!

The 5 Song EP will be Mastered at Alien Beans Studio by Ty Tabor of King's X.


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#1Early Exposure (The Young Child)
#2Teenage rebellion (Going My Own Way)
#3I thought I Knew it all (The Young man)
#4My Struggle (The Realization)
#5Death of Self (Alive in Christ)
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