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Sermon Decay by Encryptor

"Encryptor will leave a lasting mark upon your minds and ears. Brutal Blasting Death/Grind will now assault you with relentless fury. From the depths of the worldwide underground arises a new power to deal with. As it is, Encryptor is a solo project, but it leaves nothing to ask for when dealing with its music. Its most recent material, Sermon Decay, is now here!. Encryptor is still evolving, but it it now shoulder to shoulder with some of the more famous bands of this genre. As a Christian, the man behind Encryptor uses savage, wild, disturbing, and uplifting lyrics to brutally but clearly state the message of salvation which is from Christ Jesus Crucified. He ressurected on the third day, and is now a part of our daily lives as we struggle against a powerful but defeated adversary."

Created by firestream - 2019 - Firestream Music Vault - made of magic and wires