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Triumphant Comeback - Live at Legends of Rock 2008 (live) by Whitecross

Live bootleg recording from 2008.

1. Introduction
2. Who Will You Follow
3. Living On The Edge
4. Down
5. Drum Solo
6. We Know What's Right
7. Guitar Solo
8. Good Enough
9. You Will Find It There
10. No Way I'm Goin' Down
11. Enough Is Enough
12. In The Kingdom

Recorded live at the Legends of Rock Festival in Ennepetal, Germany.

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Feb 3, 2014 10:04:39 PM
This is a bootleg and an audience recording. Not bad but not great either. Would be nice to have a soundboard recording. If you search around you can find this as a free download, it isn't something I would recommend buying. Not an official release.
Feb 3, 2014 11:51:32 PM
This one is more like a collector item, is a bootleg record , the sound is not the best, but is not so either, If you want you can try as a free download if you search on the internet
#2Who Will You Follow
#3Living On The Edge
#5Drum Solo
#6We Know What's Right
#7Guitar Solo (incl. Nagasaki)
#8Good Enough
#9You Will Find It There
#10No Way I'm Goin' Down
#11Enough Is Enough
#12In The Kingdom
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