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Dreamer by Haste the Day

Released October 14th 2008


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Invoke Reform (3:03)

Cold in a panic
Keep me away from this
In this damp air
Thereís ignorance in bliss
Have you ever seen
When the stars go out
And it blackens the scenery?

No way around it
Iím sorry I may not amount to much
In secret Iím dirty
And Iíve chosen to give up

Thereís something about your motives
That never answer the questions
The ending of all disasters
Will invoke reform

Invoke the progress
Of a simple mind in the factory
Invoke the progress
When the stars go out and it blackens the scenery

Copyright 2008 Haste the Day

#2Mad Man3:32
#5An Adult Tree5:10
#7Invoke Reform3:03
#8Sons Of The Fallen Nation3:20
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