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Dreamer by Haste the Day

Released October 14th 2008


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68 (3:26)

I am the one you will call the destroyer
The messenger of my disgrace
I am my own disease

You sit on your throne of compassion
The charges will fall as we all go marching so endlessly on

We came this far to tear the curtain
Shed light so I can see your eyes
(I am my own disease)
Shed your light on me

What is this unhealthy obsession
To destroy everything you create
I am my own disease
You, the God of the broken and wretched
The charges will fall
I am my own disease

I carried the weight of this burden
Iíve watched as they all fell away
Itís not just a dream, itís a nightmare

We will fall to ruin
If we donít bury disguises that weíve made
We will see the finish
If we would carry ourselves to the end of the race
The charges will fall
I am my own disease

Copyright 2008 Haste the Day

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