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Live Humanitarian by Mortification

Two disc DVD set from Nuclear Blast. The first disc is the concert from the old IMAX Theatre in Perth, Australia. Shot with seven digital cameras and presented in surround sound, the DVD is Region 0 (PAL).

The second disc contains amateur video footage entitled Steve's House (Part 1) and Steve's House (Part 2), where Steve shares his musical history and explains some of his choices with Mortification, the Envision Evangeline film (originally on the Envideon video from 1996), European Tour Highlights from 2007 and some footage of Steve's throwing hobby.


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#1Erasing the Goblin
#2I'm Not Your Commodity
#3Hammer of God
#4Purest Intent
#6Priests of the Underground
#7The Dead Shall Be Judged
#8Spoken Word (Part 1)
#10Spoken Word (Part 2)
#11Dead Man Walking
#12Standing at the Door of Death
#13Spoken Word (Part 3)
#14Escape the Blasphemous Tabernacle
#15Spoken Word (Part 4)
#16Chapel of Hope
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