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From One Extreme to the Other - The CMR Compilation Volume III by VARIOUS

Christian Metal Realm Compilation Vol. 3. Features Christian bands that regularly post on the CMR.

There is also a special 2-CD version of this that was sold as a pre-order only. It contains a bunch of bonus tracks not included on the other disc. Some of the tracks are:

1. Oracle - Willful Death (previously unreleased 1990 demo)
2. Letter 7 - Nail In The Cross
3. The Sacrificed - In Heaven (previouly unreleased)
4. Saint - Here We Are Pre-production mix)
5. Pastor Brad - Shredded Sweet
6. Incarnate - Prodigal (CMR mix)
7. Static Fuse - Stop Throwing Stones
8. Teramaze - Black Circles (previously unreleased)
9. Jon Hooper - Taking Ground (CMR exclusive)
10. Breath Of Life - Goodbye
11. Oracle - Wolves (Previously unreleased 1992 demo)
12. Pastor Brad & The CMR All-Stars - C.M.R. (CMR mix)


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#1Ultimatum--Mortal Stomp 2008 (Exclusive track)
#2Temple Of Blood--Fearsome Warrior
#3Illuminandi--The Rider
#4Valediction--Midnight Minuetto
#5Liberty N Justice--Moneky Dance (Alt. Mix)
#6The Tifft Project--All My Days
#7Faith Factor--Prayer Warriors
#8The Sacrificed--Victorious
#9Promise Land--Christ In Us
#10Broken Union--Two Sparrows
#11Crimson Fight--Sledgehammer
#12Grave Forsaken--Perish The Thought
#13Stricken--Won't Give In
#14Skyliner--Vendetta (Rough Mix)
#15Endless Funeral--The End Of Suffering
#16Winter's Dawn--Black Illusions
#17Fragile--The Dark Romantics
#18Mission Of One--I'd Do It All Again (Demo Version)
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