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Dichotomy by Becoming The Archetype

Solid State release: TND28753
UPC: 5099922875327

Release date: November 25, 2008

Produced & Engineered by Devin Townsend at Devestate Studio
Mixed by Devin Townsend at Devestate Studio
Assistant Engineer: Mike St.-Jean
Drums recorded by Sheldon Zaharko
Mastered by Troy Glessner at Spectre Studio
Ryan Clark's guest vocal recorded & engineered by Troy Glessner

Additional Vocals on "Mountain of Souls" by Devin Townsend
Additional Vocals on "Dichotomy" by Ryan Clark
Additional Vocals on "Deep Heaven" by Suzanne Richter
Ryan Clark appears courtesy of Solid State Records

"How Great Thou Art" PD Arrangement by Jon Star, Jason Wisdom, Seth Hecox

Becoming the Archetype is:
Jason - Vocals, bass
Count Seth - guitars, keyboards, backing vocals
Jon - guitars
Lopez - drums

A&R: Ryan Clark
Management: Caleb Morgan for New Line Management

Cover painting by Kristian Wahlin (
Art Direction by Becoming the Archetype & Invisible Creature, Inc.
Design by Ryan Clark for Invisible Creature, Inc. (
Band photos by Bob Butler (>)


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Mar 25, 2014 10:46:00 PM
I will most likely never listen to this but see that the album artwork and most songs are heavily influenced by C.S. Lewis' 'That Hideous Strength'.

Ransom (4:02)

The sky grows pale
And the sea turns black
Solid darkness falls all around me
Makes it hard to breath
Makes it hard to think
But the darkness is not empty
It is bearing down upon me
Makes it hard to breath
Makes it hard to think
And I know this canít go on
Oh death my worthy adversary
Youíve tormented me for far too long
He leapt into the arms of hell itself
That gave birth unto corruption
And battled with the undead corpse
Until itís face was smashed beyond recognition
My hands have taught me terrible things
His hands have SET ME FREE!

Copyright 2008 Becoming The Archetype

#1Mountain of Souls5:14
#3Artificial Immortality3:57
#4Self Existent4:17
#5St. Anne's Lullaby1:51
#7Evil Unseen4:03
#8How Great Thou Art4:28
#9Deep Heaven4:36
#10End of the Age6:30
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