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From Isolation by Call to Preserve

Release date: September 30th, 2008

CALL TO PRESERVE have a solution to the counterfeit emotion that is so prevalent in the current underground music scene. Their integrity and candor is what sets this Floridian five-piece apart from their musical contemporaries; and the heavy, catchy quality of their music is what makes CALL TO PRESERVE’s enthusiastic live show so irresistible. Energetically clearing hurdles that would be the demise of most bands, CALL TO PRESERVE has persisted, spending years developing their signature sound. They comfortably join together heavy BURIED ALIVE-type moments, vintage NYHC-style bounce and melody-infused flavor in the vein of GIVE UP THE GHOST. The result is an assault of burly hardcore anthems about faith, perseverance, friendship, loyalty and the straight-edge lifestyle to which they strictly adhere. - Smartpunk

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