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Perceptions by This Beautiful Republic


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Pain ()

We are here together,
itís been so long
Iíve waited forever,
for this day to come
And I wonít leave you
alone tonight
Youíre my heart
moving life inside

We won't fall again,
if you will let me lead
Weíll fall in love,
if you will hold to me
Never let go, endure the pain to find no pain at all

Forget all the records,
previous lovers
Look into my eyes,
to dissolve the others
ĎCause I know where
you have laid tonight
Iím just one step away tonight

Say that you need me, and I can give you everything your heartís been craving
ĎCause once Iíve held your hand, I cannot stand, to see it waving goodbye

Please donít go
Stay with me
Just stay with me

Copyright 2008 This Beautiful Republic

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