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Nocturnal Ambience by Transcendus

This is some wickedly creative stuff! Mixing dark ambient soundscapes and dark/black metal inspired by the random movements of nature, "Nocturnal Ambiance" is an innovative 2002 release on THT productions (Kekal, Armageddon Holocaust). The songs on this album range from scary minimalist pieces of random, dark symphonies, to calm, transcending ambient environments that could almost relax and sooth the listener's ear, all the way to the raw, chaotic super-blasts of a harsh metal production. You practically don't know what to expect next! Fans of Armageddon Holocaust, Horde, Fire Throne, Wrathful Plague, Elgibbor, Devotam, and the pre-Avantgarde Kekal will be consumed by this stuff. Oh! ...and get ready for the vocals... they'll make you want to tare your ears right off your cracked skull!


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#3White Ghost Over The Shadow Of Death
#4Nightmare Breeze
#5Imago Di
#6I Am The Reaper
#7Moonlight Echoes
#8The Return
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