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Repent or Perish by Elgibbor


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Dark Valley (4:34)

In the north there is a dark valley
Where you can hear the screams of the battling armies
Many injured, many dead but many still stand
They hold the shield of faith in their hand
A sword comes out of their mouths
The dragon, snake deceiver hides in the darkness
Because God's Son has revealed himself
The dragon thought he won by killing him
But the Son's sacrifice was so strong that it destroyed all evil

Copyright 2008 Elgibbor

#1Heaven or Hell5:37
#2The Humiliation of Babylon3:03
#3Dark Valley4:34
#4Rise on Eagles Wings3:56
#6The Fall of Lucifer2:12
#7The Servant6:31
#8Cries to Arise4:48
#9The Song of Moses5:20
#10The Young Man and His Elder3:08
#11Bestia I Prorok (The Beast and the Prophet)5:52
#12Synowie Gromu (Sons of Thunder)3:39
#13Outro - The Signs6:39
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