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Kingdom Come by His Witness

This album sat ''in the can" and unreleased since it was recorded in 1988. Only a handful of cassettes were sold to fans at occasional concerts. Now re-released by Retroactive Records 20 years later. The CD reissue has been remixed, mastered and contains all new art work.

Produced by Randy Thomas.


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Jul 31, 2014 09:38:35 PM
Great artwork to compliment the very good classic metal.

Song 1 is from the gospel of John
Song 2 is the Lord's Prayer
Song 3 derived from Daniel and Revelation
Song 4 cool bluesy song.
The rest of the songs are hope and encouragement filled.
#1Everlasting Life
#2Kingdom Come
#3Last Days
#4Jesus Heals
#5Call On Him
#6Guard Your Heart
#7Pick Up Your Cross
#8Jesus Died For You
#9Love of God
#10Party's In Heaven
has lyrics

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