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Audible Minority by Kekal

The album was originally supposed to be released by a now-defunct record label NePlusUltra Music in CD format in December 2008, with the first pressing a special digipak release that was hand-numbered and limited to 777 copies. Unfortunately, the physical release never came about, and the album was released instead as a free digital download on 25 December 2012. In December 2012, four years after the initial release date, the album was finally being released physically, as a bonus-CD of the limited hand-numbered deluxe double-CD edition of a 2012 Kekal album Autonomy, while the free download version had been discontinued in favor of the paid download, which is now made available on the band's Bandcamp page. The A-ha cover song "Locust" is not included on the CD version, but included as a hidden bonus track on the digital download version.

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