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Slava Compilation - Voice of the People by VARIOUS

Genre: Electronic
Style: Techno, Electro, Synth-pop, Industrial

From the Knottheads tribute site:
"Voice of the People is an experimental compilation consisting of 15 songs from 15 SLAVA artists. Most were taken from demos and were digitally mastered for the highest level of quality possible. This process may expose the limitations of the source tapes.

Re-released as a downloadable CD in 2000 through The Dance House Children and Toxic Church tracks were left off because they were deemed "unrereleasable."


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#1X-Propagation Flower (3:26)
#2Wigtop Higher (3:44)
#3Prodigal Sons, The* The Kraken (3:49)
#4Exegesis A Question For You (4:46)
#5DanceHouse Children Old And True (3:45)
#6Love Assembly All The Pain (4:17)
#7Toxic Church Pharmakeia (4:40)
#8Eternal Youth League Can It Really Be? (4:51)
#9Echoing Green, The Deep Inside Your Heart (4:45)
#10Icon Tack Take The Sin (4:17)
#11November Commandment, The Saints (3:13)
#12MC White-E Bad And Getting Worse (3:09)
#13ModEx The Woodchuck Song (5:23)
#14global WAVE system* Commitment (6:14)
#15Deitiphobia Fluid (3:41)
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