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InExordium by inExordium

Release Date: 1 September. The first 100 pre-ordered CDs were numbered and signed by the band.


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Beneath Contempt (3:47)

Stay where you are, don't move away. Want to make sure I hear what you say. Make it sound good just as you should. Now that you're here let's not waste time. Walk to the left, follow the sign. Black, white or grey, do what I say I will attempt to prove you are beneath contempt. It's what you are, not what others see. Please take your place, and look to the floor. You must remain for what is in store. See what I hold, the mirror; it's so cold. Don't you know if you go they will see you are me.

Copyright 2008 inExordium

#1Out of the Silence3:07
#2Scourge of Democracy3:36
#3The Voice of Treason3:57
#4Programmed Cell Death4:28
#5Rising Hatred4:57
#6Beneath Contempt3:47
#7Imminent Particle Collision3:54
#8Fractured Cortex2:56
#9Buried Alive4:31
#11Covered in Pain6:30
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