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InExordium by inExordium

Release Date: 1 September. The first 100 pre-ordered CDs were numbered and signed by the band.


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Programmed Cell Death (4:28)

All that you know is a lie, all you believe you have known. All of your actions belie the nature of pain in my zone. Let's ride, programmed cell death. Meaning has been set aside, carnage is all that I know. Nowhere is safe to hide, there's nowhere near you can go. So let's ride, programmed cell death. All that you hear, all that you touch, all that you taste. All that you read, all that you know, all that you waste. All that you have, all that you want, all that you see. All that you were, all that you are, means nothing to me. It goes cell by cell, it goes through your brain. It just goes to show that you're not the same. So let's ride, programmed destiny. You're falling down, you're trying to cling to the breath of life. You're falling down, you're losing your mind and your destiny. You're falling down, you're trying to breath as your body dies. You're falling down, you're drowning in fate as it crushes you. Programmed cell death.

Copyright 2008 inExordium

#1Out of the Silence3:07
#2Scourge of Democracy3:36
#3The Voice of Treason3:57
#4Programmed Cell Death4:28
#5Rising Hatred4:57
#6Beneath Contempt3:47
#7Imminent Particle Collision3:54
#8Fractured Cortex2:56
#9Buried Alive4:31
#11Covered in Pain6:30
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