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InExordium by inExordium

Release Date: 1 September. The first 100 pre-ordered CDs were numbered and signed by the band.


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Punishment (4:23)

Coming up the stairs, force my way in, wait til she turns, take out my axe. I strike her head, she is now dead. Someone arrives, must take two lives. It's eating me inside, I've never felt this way. The vision's in my mind, I cannot get away. All I know is I am no criminal. All I fear is a time of punishment. All knowing, my rationale for killing two innocents. Hiding evidence, sleep through the day, covered in blood, no going back. Visitor's call, just make them wait, cannot get up, not in this state. It's eating me inside, my conscience is enslaved. It dominates my mind, I cannot now be saved. Betray me, expose me, release me, unearth me. All I know is I am my accuser. All I crave is my time of punishment. Betray me, expose me, release me, unearth me.

Copyright 2008 inExordium

#1Out of the Silence3:07
#2Scourge of Democracy3:36
#3The Voice of Treason3:57
#4Programmed Cell Death4:28
#5Rising Hatred4:57
#6Beneath Contempt3:47
#7Imminent Particle Collision3:54
#8Fractured Cortex2:56
#9Buried Alive4:31
#11Covered in Pain6:30
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