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The Calling by Audiovision

Rivel release: RRCD019
UPC: 7320470052662


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Aug 11, 2014 10:22:26 PM
Much more like Narnia than Modest Attraction or even Wisdom Call.

All songs contain Godly lyrics except:

AV's cover of Sweet's 'Love is like Oxygen' is better than The Sweet's. Perhaps due to the superior guitar work & extended jamming in the middle. Yet the length of the song nearly the same. I love how the bonus track 'Power From the Sky' starts off with the magnificent Deodato instrumental called 'Also Sprach ZaraThrusta'.

Narration by Eric Clayton
#1The Calling3:26
#2The King Is Alive4:20
#3Evil Or Divine4:10
#4The Rock Of My Soul3:56
#5Read Between The Lines4:26
#6Face To Face3:42
#7Show Me The Way3:44
#8Love Is Like Oxygen6:34
#9Hold Me3:54
#10Colors - instrumental4:44
has lyrics

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