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Certain Death by Lightmare

German power metal has always been famous for good bands and Lightmare has taken their first step to bring some good power metal to the Christian scene. The band is technically competent and produces some metal that will remind people of Blind Guardian. The music has energy, power, technical competence, lots of hooks and
interesting progression." -Christian_metal

Band Members:
Frank Wegner Vocals
Andi Gutjahr Guitars
Alex Reeh Bass Guitar
Alex Wenzel Drums

Additional Musicians:
Thorsten Heid Keyboards

Production Information:
Peter Rust Recorded @ Ranst-Studio / Höhn, October, 1992 - February, 1993
Lightmare Producer
Peter Rust Producer


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oldschooldoom fishingd

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Aug 1, 2014 11:10:56 PM
Potent half hour of music with a message from a curiously titled named album from a curiously named Christian band.
Title track "Certain death but it need not be the end"
Track 7 begins with a horse race bugle call and ends with an air raid alarm. That's a different attention getter.
#1End of Dawn at Noon 32 A.D. (instrumental)
#3Black Mess
#5Certain Death
#6Fade Away
#7Fearless Soldiers
has lyrics

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