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Repentance by Paramæcium

Limited edition EP of 500, featuring the original demo re-released on CD with two songs being redone in their doom metal style.

Later released as a download from the defunct store and currently through Soundmass Downloads.


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Silent Carnage (6:12)

For the wages of sin is death
Scraping bodies out of the gutter
Rotting corpses piled on each other
Infesting plagues defiled the land
Sole rectification through sacrificed Son of Man

Foul stench fills the street
Silent carnage, rotting meat
Tormented faces in despair
As vultures fill the air
Waiting to rip apart their prey
Seeking to take it all away
Taking them for all they have
Final chance to reach for life

Regeneration through reconciliation
Obliterate the plague from the land
Seek the covenant blood affiliation
Propitiation by God’s Right Hand

A sickly carcass beyond human likeness
Searches its soul and finds only darkness
Its desire for life is growing in size
As this rotted corpse slowly opens its eyes

Foul stench fills the street
Silent carnage, rotting meat
But some dead seek rebirth
They want to walk the earth
Walking among the scattered dead
Feeding corpses living bread
Living in obedience is the
Final choice you make in life


Copyright 1997 Paramæcium

#1Silent Carnage6:12
#2Dead to Death4:16
#3Sogno Di Morte (original demo)1:36
#4Silent Carnage (original demo)6:00
#5Dead to Death (original demo)4:19
#6Abstraction (original demo)5:43
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