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A Warrior Never Dies by Herlighet


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Jul 31, 2014 10:32:49 PM
Speedy metal alternating with symphonic metal. Incoherent female operatic vocals alternating with incoherent cookie monster vocals which in turn alternates with an alien like creature in pain vocals. Sorry, this formula just doesn't work for me. Even the spoken words are not understandable as they are in Spanish. Only the last four words of the last song can be understood, "A Warrior Never Dies".
#1Fly Over the Oceans
#2Lord of Creation
#3Crying Out Knees to the Lord
#4Sanctus Patrix
#5I Desire Drink Your Blood
#6When Will Back the Morning?
#7Only You Know My Pain
#8Walking Over The Valley
#9The Ashes of the Ancients
#10Leave This Sorrow
#11Poder Y Gloria
#12A Warrior Never Dies
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