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Alien Youth by Skillet

Ardent release: ARD2507
UPC: 766887250722

Original Release Date: August 28, 2001
This disc was part of BMG Music's Christian music distribution (D141257)

Skillet is:
John L. Cooper - vocals, bass, sampling & programming
Korey Cooper - keyboards, backing vocals, sampling & programming
Lori Peters - drums
Ben Kasica - guitar

Produced by John L. Cooper except Earth Invasion produced by John L. Cooper & Skidd Mills
Engineered by Pete Matthews except Earth Invasion engineered by Skidd Mills
Mixed by Pete Matthews except Vapor, Earth Invasion, Eating Me Away & Kill Me, Heal me Mixed by Skidd Mills
Mastering: Scott Hull, Classic Sound
Assistant Engineered - Josh Horton
Additional Engineering & ProTooling by Jonathan Steitz
Guitars by Kevin Haaland except Earth Invasion by Ben Kasica
Strings by Wendy Brookes (cello), Nikki Frey (1st violin), and Teresa Pingitore (2nd violin)
Group Vocal on You Are My Hope by John & Korey Cooper, Christine Mundie & Jono Pingitore
Skillet exclusively plays GMP guitars ( and GHS Strings (
Skillit wears Invinciblewear clothing (
Photography by Allen Clark
Makeup by Maria Estes
Booking agency - Third Coast Artists Agency ( / 615.297.2021.

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