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Culture of Ascent by Glass Hammer

Fred Schendel: Nord Electro 2, NordLead 2, Piano, Bela D Media D-Synth, Organs, Electric Piano, Mellotron, additional synths, loops and programming, acoustic guitar, string arrangements and backing vocals

Steve Babb: Bass guitar, Pipe Organ, Taurus Pedals, the Free Note, assorted percussion, Mellotron, Piano, Harp, loops, programming, Mini-Moog and backing vocals

Carl Groves: Lead and Backing Vocals
Susie Bogdanowicz: Lead and Backing Vocals
Matt Mendians: Drums

David Wallimann: Electric Guitars

Rebecca James: Violin

Susan Whitacre: Viola

Rachel Beckmann: Cello

Also Includes
Sarah Snyder: Backing Vocals
Eric Parker: Acoustic Guitar
Robert Streets: Backing Vocals

Haley McGuire: Backing Vocals

and featuring

Jon Anderson: Vocalizations


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Aug 13, 2014 09:43:48 PM
Track 1, who better to cover YES ?!?
The female vocalists (Susie, Sarah, and Hayley) sound as angelic as Jon Anderson.
Followed by 5 more long and progressive masterpieces.
#1South Side Of The Sky
#2Sun Song
#3Life By Light
#4Ember Without Name
#5Into Thin Air
has lyrics

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