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Dimensions (Re-Issue) by Believer

Cat. No.: MASS CD 1074 DG
UPC: 5907785030886
Release date: 19.11.2007 (Europe)/18.03.2008 (USA)

Although 14 years passed from Believer's last album, the band is still considered one of the most talented thrash metal groups ever to emerge, not only by fans of Christian music. Remastered edition of Believer's third and most technical album from 1993. "Dimensions" is a top tech-metal classic, aided by an amazing production job and a seemingly limitless sense of adventure, all the while remaining extreme and thought-provoking. This exclusive reissue shows this Christian metal phenomenon at its best, delivering truly epic compositions and a powerful message to follow. - Metal Mind Productions

Individually numbered digipak re-issue limited to 2000 copies.


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#2Future Mind
#4What Is But Cannot Be
#6No Apology
#7Trilogy of Knowledge: Intro: The Birth
#8Trilogy of Knowledge: Movement I: The Lie
#9Trilogy of Knowledge: Movement II: The Truth
#10Trilogy of Knowledge: Movement III: The Key
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