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Forum by Undercover

Perhaps Undercover would be easier to pin down if they ever did two albums the same... like for instance groups like Petra and WhiteHeart. Again with this album, when I put it in the CD player, I was surprised by how the band sounded. With Rob Gallas (formerly of Black and White World) on vocals, and Chuck Cummings (of Dakota Motor Company and Aunt Betty's, currently CEO of Fourdoor Records) and David Raven (of Tamplin, Swirling Eddies, the Screamin' Rays and others) on drums, this version of Undercover had a slightly different sound, and it works for me! Some of the more intriguing moments on this album are where the band plays with 7/4 time in Pocket Full of Money, the acoustic, almost country-tinged Carmenita, and the 7:30 title track, Forum (Lullabye). Not only that, but the album cover looks like the cover of John Wyndham's book the Chrysalids.
*From Undercover Website*

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