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Day of Darkness and Blackness by Firethrone

This limited edition digipak contains the original 9 songs from the debut album and all 8 songs from the 2004 demo (4 of which have never before been published). The digipak has all new artwork, new band photos, and re-mastered tracks by Dharok of Sympathy.

Tracks 10-17 are from the 2004 demo.
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#1Nadchodzi Lew (The Lion Is Coming)
#2Upadl Wieki Babilon (Great Babylon Has Fallen)
#3From Rot To Suffer
#4The Rising Sun Will Be Darkened
#5Immortal Eternal Triumphator
#6The Day Of Coming Destruction And Darkness
#8Going To War
#9Sorrow In My Heart
#10Psalm 88
#11Zbawiciel (Savior)
#12Hail Jesus, Holy Unblack Metal
#13Krew Chrvstusa (Blood Of Christ)
#14Ojcze Nasz (Our Father)
#15Nadchodzi Lew (The Lion Is Coming)
#16Duch Panski (Spirit Of The Lord)
#17Upadl Wieki Babilon (Great Babylon Has Fallen)
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