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This Is My Heart by Since October

It could be said that Since October was formed nearly 20 years ago. Ben and Luke Graham, Joshua Johnson and Audie Grantham have literally been lifelong friends. Luke states, "I can�t remember a time when we weren�t friends."

It is not easy being a modern rock band from a deeply religious, Florida farming town. Wauchula, population 10,000, is about as far from South Beach as you can get. A community that revolves around the orange groves, phosphate mines and the local churches, is not always cordial to four young guys who play guitar, wear earrings and have tattoos. "There were times when we would show up for a gig at a church and get turned away," says Ben. "Things have changed an awful lot in the last few years."

"Our lives centered around our church. There really wasn�t much else to do. It was a place to go to see your friends and where things were going on. We consider ourselves Christians, but our music really seems to appeal to the secular market as well," Ben continues.

After spending several years writing and recording their music, things changed for Since October. They kept seeing the name TRAVIS WYRICK on the back of albums from bands like P.O.D. They sent their music to him, just on a whim, hoping he would give them some constructive criticism. The response they received blew them away.

It seems that despite the fact that Travis literally gets dozens of emails a day from young bands and just as many mp3s. He found something special in the music of Since October. By a twist of fate, P.O.D. was forced to re-schedule recording their next album and Travis quickly found himself with 6 weeks open. He told the guys he would like to produce their album. As Ben states, "We hustled butt to raise the money and went up to work with him almost immediately. Travis helped shape our music. He made our music sound better than we ever thought it could. We also got along with him on a personal level immediately. He is a great guy."

The music has immediately struck a chord with the public. "Beautiful", "In This Moment", "Waiting", and "Guilty" appear on their website. Over 5000 people a day to visit the site and listen to the music of Since October.

The band already had a solid touring base in Florida. It was then time to take their music to other parts of the country. They received a warm response from promoters everywhere.

Along with touring the band wants to bring its music to the rest of the world. They spend months on the road and they are currently looking for their first record deal.

This group which probably started during lunch recess in a kindergarten class decades ago is now on the verge of national stardom.

Watch Since Octobers website ( for breaking news and upcoming tour dates in your area.


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