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Aslan by Aslan (OK)

1. At The Stone Table
I: The Dawn Of Time (4:03)
2. The Tomb Of Father Habakkuk (24:12)
I. Instrumental Prelusion
II. The Journey
III. The Prophecy Of The Owls
IV. Dance Of The Forest
V. Lake Of Bewilderment
VI. Illusive Hope
VII. The Sacred Tomb
VIII. Heavenly Inclination
3. At the Stone Table II: Discovered Existence 03:09
4. Look Inside Your Heart 06:47
5. Hold On 04:05
6. An Evening Retrospect 04:49
7. In the New Age 07:26
8. The Hurt Inside 05:36
9. Hidden Reflection 09:45
10. At the Stone Table III: Time's Escape ? 02:07


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#1At The Stone Table4:03
#2The Tomb Of Father Habakkuk24:12
#3At The Stone Table II: Discovered Existence3:09
#4Look Inside Your Heart6:47
#5Hold On4:05
#6An Evening Retrospect4:49
#7In The New Age7:26
#8The Hurt Inside5:36
#9Hidden Reflection9:45
#10At The Stone Table III: Time's Escape?2:07
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