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Farewell by Divinefire

Rivel release: RRCD037
UPC: 7320470084168

This is the final Divinefire album. "Into A New Dimension" was supposed to be the last, as Christian Rivel originally only planned to write/record a trilogy. However, as he & the others already had material enough for a fourth album, they relented due to demand of the fans.


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You Will Never Walk Away (4:14)

I'm standing here
In His service with no fear
My armour shines like gold
I'm prepared for the final war

The prince of peace
I proclaim your name
For all the good things you have done
I'll never be the same

Your heavenly kingdom
We're together as one
There's no separation
All praise to the son

I belong to you
You'll never walk away

God won't give up
I belong to him
I will use my time and space
To honour my mighty king

You Conquered death
For everyone
To live in perfect harmony
No suffering and pain

I belong to you
You're the saviour of my life
I belong to you
You'll never walk away

Copyright 2008 Divinefire

#1Calling The World2:12
#3You Will Never Walk Away4:14
#4Pass The Flame4:50
#5Grow And Follow4:46
#6My Roots Are Strong In You4:22
#7King Of Kings4:24
#8Heal Me12:22
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