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Ivory Moon (demo) by Ivory Moon


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Valhalla ()

How many miles has to walk a man to find his identity and walk to search for his soul with the Constance of the wind.

How many dragons has to kill a warrior

To find the heavenly gates of Valhalla

Every warrior has a weak spot if you find it if you find it

Could be real could be a fear in his mind in his mind

Every foe could be a friend if you’ll fairly fight

Every friend could be a foe if you close your eyes

Pre: Valhalla Valhalla old hearth can find peace now

Valhalla Valhalla only the braves get your gates

Rit: Kingdom of magic lights everywhere

Red wings of fire guided me on this way

Wizard of dreams now I can all

Words of the universe right in my hands right in my hands



Away from home away from love staying alone in the night

Something is moving I feel around me strange kind but real

My eyes all black my body dead my soul is flying oh yeah

Now Valhalla can wait

Copyright 2002 Ivory Moon

#3Lord of Mountain (Etna)
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Nothing to see here

Nothing to see here

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