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Baal's Fire by Seraph VII

Seraph VII is a band that knows no boundaries, hard driving guitars cutting through a wall of drums and sub sonic bass riffs! The new CD Baal’s Fire mixes classic 80’s metal with modern metal, blues and progressive rock. Think of it as a mix of Metallica, Deep Purple and a splash of Black Sabbath with a hint of Rush! Not satisfied with the norm Seraph VII never compromises their music for the sake of what’s popular, always pushing the envelope of what is possible. And there is the message, a lot of bands will bury the Christian message rather than bring it to the front. Seraph VII sticks it in your face! No compromise! You want classic metal? You want screaming guitars? You want a message? You want to Rock! Than this is the album for you!


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#1Baal's Fire
#3We Are All Here
#4What (Do You Have To Look Forward To)
#5Break'in Down The Walls
#6A Prayer
#7Nuclear Aggression
#8This is Not a Test
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