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Anthem For His Majesty by Clockwise

Clockwise�s independent production earns commendable marks for its subtle �70s art rock influences, mostly attributable to writer/keyboardist Angelo Natalie�s creative synthesizers and Bob Tome�s electric guitar work. Best examples are �Wandering Star�, �Time To Dance�, �New Thing In The King�, �Take The Plunge� and the title track - all strong progressive-influenced selections. �Happy To Be The Moon� is a decent mid-rocking song that recalls early Servant, while �Make His Paths Straight� drifts into funky jazz-rock. A few nice acoustic guitar touches. Alternates male and female lead vocals. Overall a very worthwhile effort. Produced by Al Perkins. Superb colorful cover painting of medieval folks and horsemen approaching a castle. The band had previously released a single under the name Jonah. Ken Scott � The Archivist


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#1Happy To Be The Moon
#2Wandering Star
#3The Skaters Waltz
#4Time To Dance
#5New Thing In The King
#6Don't Be Sad
#7Take The Plunge
#8Make His Paths Straight
#9Anthem For His Majesty - In The Courtyard/Before The Throne
#10Thief (Things To Come)
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