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Frail by Jars of Clay

Frail is the title of the demo album that Jars Of Clay released in 1994 when they were still students at Greenville College. Only 1,500 copies of the album were pressed and have long been sold out. It is now considered a collector's item among the band's fans, with copies being sold on eBay at prices well over the original selling price. Of the album's nine tracks, seven of them were re-recorded for the band's debut album, Jars Of Clay, while the other two ("Fade To Grey" and "Frail") were re-recorded for their second album, Much Afraid.


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#2Boy On A String (Sunflower Song)3:28
#3Art In Me3:39
#5Fade To Grey4:54
#7Like A Child4:48
#8Love Song For A Savior4:37
#9Four Seven2:46
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