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Be Afraid + 1 by Grave Robber


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Schizofiend (2:53)

You best be on your guard
When you see me on your street
I'm a madman gunning
I'm a freak without a leash

I am, I am the schizofiend
I'm a double-minded thing
One says kill, the other says save
One foot in the word, the other in the rave
I am, I am
I am, I am
The schizofiend

The schizofiend!

I love to scare I love to lust
I hate my heart, this box of dust
My flesh is a shell, with an opened grave
I'm trapped within, a rotting slave

Double minded
Double vision
See what isn't there
I hear you scream
"Mommy help me, the bad thing's here"
I am, I am
I am, I am
The schizofiend

Hand me the pistol
Give me the ax
I gotta split this
Double minded thing in half

Split, split

Copyright 2008 Grave Robber

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