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Instigator by Larry Norman

Essential series vol 1


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Mar 18, 2014 10:02:17 PM
Really like these homegrown & bible based ballads. Probably my fave album in The Essential Series. But what I found most enjoyable is Larry's natural humor. Some of these songs sound like the earliest Pink Floyd (Syd Barrett era) like track 5 "walking backwards down the stairs (trying to get higher)".
Track 6 contains some VERY out-of-character lyrics from Larry, "as your clothing comes undone and you pull the ribbons from your hair, pardon me." I had to give that a re-listen to make sure of what I heard.
Track 9 Baroquen Spirits is both witty and insightful.
#1Lonely Boy
#2Born To Be Unlucky
#3Moses In The Wilderness
#4Hard Luck, Bad News - single version
#5Walking Backwards Down The Stairs
#6Pardon Me - single version
#7Soul Survivor
#8Looking For The Footprints
#9Baroquen Spirits - single version
#10I Don't Believe In Miracles - single version
#11Sigrid Jane - shorter version
#12I Am A Servant - single version
#13Nothing Really Changes - single edit
#14Strong Love, Strange Peace
#15Ha Ha World
#16Forget Your Hexagram
#17Feeling So Bad - single Euro edit
#18Let That Tape Keep Rolling - single version
#19I Think I Love You
#20With A Love Like Yours
#21Up In Canada - 1973 single version
#22Lonely By Myself - single version
#23Christmastime - shorter single edit
#24Butterfly - unreleased studio recording
#25Kulderachna - unreleased studio recording
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