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The Drop by Starflyer 59

Tooth & Nail release: TNV 1003

From the SF59 wiki:
"The Drop is Starflyer 59's first 7 inch record. It was released in 1994 on Tooth & Nail Records (TNV 1003). Only 500 copies were ever made. It is one of Starflyer 59's most sought after collectibles. Once sold for five dollars at concerts and through mail order, it now sometimes goes for over $200 on Ebay."

* Second Space Song and Happy Days are originally from Silver.
* The Drop was re-released on She's the Queen.

* Andrew Larson - Bass Guitar
* Dan Reid - Drums
* Jason Martin - Guitars, Vocals

Album Credits:
* All music and lyrics written by Jason Martin
* Produced by Blood
* Engineered by Bob Moon
* Executive producer: Brandon Ebel
* Mixed by Blood Productions and Bob Moon
* Recorded at the Green Room
* Mixed at the Mixing Lab except
* Iage setting by Reverend Norman
* Triumph photography by Matt Wignall
* Band and studio photography by Brandon Ebel

Track 1 is Side A, tracks 2-3 are Side B.


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#1The Drop
#2Second Space Song
#3Happy Days
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