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Preaching To The Perverted by Templar

The debut album by Aussie band Templar. Features guest lead vocals by Josh Kramer of Saint on the song Warlord, as well as a few other guest musicians/vocalists.

Released by Black Pope Music. Distributed by, Rotting Corpse Records USA, Disonar Music Peru and Beowolf Productions USA.


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Aug 12, 2014 09:14:11 PM
I will overlook the mildly coarse language.

Track 2, intro sounds like 'Hark the Herald Angels Sing' or some other well known classic Christmas song before Josh comes screaming through.

The heaviness starts half way through track 3 and pounds to the end.

Track 4 chorus, "No Muslim, Jew, or Christian will bow to the beast". That's wishful thinking.
Track 5 is about the proverbial burying your head in the sand to make trouble go away or not exist.
Track 10 is about satan's threat to our eternal soul is real. Melody is very similar to 'The Devil Inside' by INXS.

Black Pope Records...hmmm
#1Preaching to the Perverted part 1
#4Sky Spider
#5Welcome to the Breakdown
#6Anthem (Nidhes Anxietus)
#10Witch Hunt (Heretic mix)
has lyrics

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