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The Nothing Inside You by Chatterbox

Rotting Audio release: ROT008

Industrialized punk-metal. Recorded in various places on various machines of varying quality. Drum-machines, fuzz bass, overdriven guitars, pounds of feedback and heavily processed vocals.

This Chatterbox CD is a collection of demos recorded prior to "Despite". The first 3 tracks were recorded at Mortal's studio. I got to watch. The next five tracks were recorded by Jeff, Garrett Morgan and myself on my 4-track at Garrett's house. I think I did some yelling and/or noise here and there. I think these were recorded prior to the Mortal demos, but maybe not. This would've been circa 93, so you'll forgive my poor memory. :) The next two songs are just Jeff and I (he on guitar and me on drums), recorded in the ex-Crucified House. The last credited song is just me, it was something I recorded for Jeff that he decided not to use. There's also a "hidden song" at the end that was recorded in my garage with Jeff, Christmas of 92.
-Chris Reid 2002


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#1Without God
#4The Empty
#9Stump Puller
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