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split w/ Insomnia Isterica by Vomitous Discharge

split CD-R with secular grindcore band IAxIA from Switzerland
The VxDx tracks are from the same recording session as the tunes for the 6-way split CD, the floppy disk split and the MCD "Festering Carcass..."
IAxIA has 7 trax on it, only the VxDx trax are listed below


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#1Endlessly growing Tumour in Satan's Cadaver
#2Resurrection of mangled Ptoma
#3Purulent and worm-infested carnal Leftovers
#5Analyzing the Progress of cerebral Ulceration
#6Axe-Decapitation of Obsessions by Prayer
#7Dissecting unholy Cankroid Formations in your Mind
#8Horrendous Disfigurement of Fornication Urges
#9The vomitous Discharge pt. III
#10Lepra Rot healed by God
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