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Testimony Live (DVD) by Neal Morse

Neal Morse's "Testimony", the musical sequel to Spock's Beard's epic concept album "Snow", was brought to the stage in November 2003. With seven other musicians, Morse performed his 'Testimony' live in various cities over Europe. The show in Tilburg, Germany was filmed and recorded for this DVD release. The fans will enjoy nearly 3 1/2 hours of live footage (the entire concert) plus a tour documentary on two DVDs. Neal and his band, which includes Mike Portnoy from Dream Theater on drums and vocals, performed the whole double concept album plus two songs from Transatlantic (We All Need Some Light and Stranger In Your Soul) and one Spock's Beard classic (The Light). The tour was a massive musical undertaking, expertly executed by some of the top performing and studio musicians you are likely to hear.

01. The Land Of The Beginning Again
02. Overture No. 1
03. California Nights
04. Colder In The Sun
05. Sleeping Jesus
06. Interlude
07. The Prince Of The Power Of The Air
08. The Promise
09. Wasted Life
10. Overture No. 2
11. Break Of Day
12. Power In The Air
13. Somber Days
14. Long Story
15. It's All I Can Do
16. Transformation
17. Ready To Try
18. Sing It High
19. Moving In My Heart
20. I Am Willing
21. In The Middle
22. The Storm Before The Calm
23. Oh, To Feel Him
24. God's Theme
25. Overture No. 3
26. Rejoice
27. Oh Lord My God
28. God's Theme 2
29. The Land Of The Beginning Again
DVD 2:
01. We All Need Some Light
02. The Light
03. Stranger In Your Soul
04. Tour Documentary


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