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Philosophies by Flaskavsae

There are many things which can confuse us and derail us from whatever our true goal is. As long as Christ is at the forefront of our goal, we can never be truly lost. God is the most important of all things and He teaches that live is more powerful than hate, war, depression, anger, sadness, or anything else that can be imagined. Our goal must be to be more like our savior Christ Jesus and less like our true human nature. Love is what transcends, we must thank God for that.....


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#1Twilight Reminiscent of Slumber5:19
#2Parallels to Nothing7:23
#3Eating Light4:39
#5The Longest Ritual3:05
#6When Forever is Lost11:08
#7The Shortest Ritual5:26
#8Wotansvoid - False Deity9:00
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Nothing to see here

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