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Love Hurts by Grave Robber

ExAlternative release: EXR 001

Custom red vinyl release with accompanying CD-R including the same tracks. Only 500 copies in print (hand-numbered). Tracks 1-2 are on Side 1, Tracks 3-4 on Side 2.

Studio tracks recorded and engineered by Geoff Montomery at The Ensomber Room
Mixed and mastered by Morrison Agen at C2G
Produced by Morrison Agen and Shawn Browning
Live tracks recorded by Morrison Agen at Gunther Murpys in Chicago, IL on 8/26/06
Assistant Engineer Eric Wilson

Illustration and Layout Jake Sauer (
Printing by Eric Wilson ([email protected])

Released jointly between Horror Hooligan Records and ExAlternative Recordings.

The title track is a cover of the classic Nazareth power ballad from the mid-70's.

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