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Was And Is To Come by Thy Will Be Done

Stillborn release: SBR 46
UPC: 880270206421

Executive producer: Jamey Jasta
Produced & mixed by Zuess


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Threshold Of The Spirit (4:25)

Open your hearts and your minds
Within you shall find
Revelations light will give sight

Flames my heart will act as
a torch to light paths
This day's rejections soon will rise

What was built by man today
can and will be stripped away
Melt your gold for love is the way

We must rise up as one
A call to all nations
In love salvation lies
above the hate I say rise

Wipe away the indifference
Arise with me

Open your hearts and minds
Search for the truth realize
Ignorance makes us all divide

Through tolerance we will find
A way to share lives
A way to all live unified

cast away the indifference
Arise with me

This life must be purposeful
Look in your heart find yourself

We must rise above the hate to light

I will fall down - I won't fail

Copyright 2007 Thy Will Be Done

#1Voice Divides3:30
#2Cast The Crown2:41
#4In The Name of...3:41
#5Reveal Resolution4:10
#6Earth's Final Embrace2:49
#7Preserving The Sacred2:50
#8Threshold Of The Spirit4:25
#9Selfless Portrait4:04
#10Was And Is, And Is To Come5:29
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