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Was And Is To Come by Thy Will Be Done

Stillborn release: SBR 46
UPC: 880270206421

Executive producer: Jamey Jasta
Produced & mixed by Zuess


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Preserving The Sacred (2:50)

Phoenix rising from the ashes
to make change with conviction
We are standing on the one Truth
We will stand firm never removed

Advocate taking stance to remind us
of that which we have forgotten
We must repair these ravages of mindlessness

Temple growing Temple moving
from conception to extinction
Deep within us there's a passion
to enlighten all the children

Sell your riches and possessions
Our salvation our new movement
Love will sustain love will refrain
on our lips to bless and overcome

These impurities that infect this land
will not remove me from where I stand

Copyright 2007 Thy Will Be Done

#1Voice Divides3:30
#2Cast The Crown2:41
#4In The Name of...3:41
#5Reveal Resolution4:10
#6Earth's Final Embrace2:49
#7Preserving The Sacred2:50
#8Threshold Of The Spirit4:25
#9Selfless Portrait4:04
#10Was And Is, And Is To Come5:29
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