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Was And Is To Come by Thy Will Be Done

Stillborn release: SBR 46
UPC: 880270206421

Executive producer: Jamey Jasta
Produced & mixed by Zuess


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Bloodwitness (3:16)

The veil of the temple
has been rent in twain
awaken the saints
open the graves

Through martyrs tongues
These are the words of
Martyrs tongues
These are the words

Stand and fight
We will gain everything
through sacrifice
We're fed from the tree of life

The kingdom is within
We must prune our vines
The temple is ruined
to be rebuilt

To reveal the meaning
of my vast life

Blood of the Lamb

Copyright 2007 Thy Will Be Done

#1Voice Divides3:30
#2Cast The Crown2:41
#4In The Name of...3:41
#5Reveal Resolution4:10
#6Earth's Final Embrace2:49
#7Preserving The Sacred2:50
#8Threshold Of The Spirit4:25
#9Selfless Portrait4:04
#10Was And Is, And Is To Come5:29
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