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Was And Is To Come by Thy Will Be Done

Stillborn release: SBR 46
UPC: 880270206421

Executive producer: Jamey Jasta
Produced & mixed by Zuess


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Cast The Crown (2:41)

Seven lamps of fire
A sea of glass
last is first
first shall be last

The beasts full of eyes
before and behind
Give glory
all through time

Visions of lightning
with thunder divine
The trumpet
signals the time

Alpha Omega
has the end begun
was and is
and is to come

Who is worthy to open the book

By blood, by word

We will be the ones who give our lives
We've learned to see and cast our crowns aside

Unlocking knowledge
to channel new hope
In your mind
and in your soul

There are yet more
who will suffer and die
Judgment will
not be denied

So will you be one who will give your life
Now will you see and cast your crown aside

Copyright 2007 Thy Will Be Done

#1Voice Divides3:30
#2Cast The Crown2:41
#4In The Name of...3:41
#5Reveal Resolution4:10
#6Earth's Final Embrace2:49
#7Preserving The Sacred2:50
#8Threshold Of The Spirit4:25
#9Selfless Portrait4:04
#10Was And Is, And Is To Come5:29
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