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Was And Is To Come by Thy Will Be Done

Stillborn release: SBR 46
UPC: 880270206421

Executive producer: Jamey Jasta
Produced & mixed by Zuess


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Was And Is, And Is To Come (5:29)

Life has become commodified
We are slaves of the machine
Our environment has been reduced to fuel
in a place where time is money
which makes life become money

We must change this course
This is not an armed struggle

We will not use corruption
to replace corruption

We must awaken

Blood of the wicked will flow
Righteous hearts will overcome

Few are chosen
many called
until then
I dream of zion

The once visible will become extinct
These transformations are peril
We must evolve to a global understanding

We must change this course

Copyright 2007 Thy Will Be Done

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#10Was And Is, And Is To Come5:29
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